The College of New Jersey

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Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor


Marmora, NJ

Transferred from:

Susquehanna University


English Secondary Education

Top campus activities/organizations this Griffin is involved in:

Theta Phi Alpha, She’s The First, and the Griffin program!!

Favorite TCNJ memory:

My favorite TCNJ memory is joining my sorority within my first month of transferring and meeting some of my best friends there!

Favorite place on campus:

My favorite place to hang out on campus is the library cafe! You can usually find me in the library, Eick, or Alumni Grove doing homework with my friends!

One piece of advice for new transfers:

If I could give one piece of advice to a new transfer student, it would be to talk to everyone you meet. No matter who they are, where you are, or what they are, it is important to make connections at TCNJ. You never know when you will meet them again and how you can help each other in the future!